۶۰ second tips at آلتیوم

Fix a bug in آلتیوم number:

Sometimes you are in آلتیوم with this software is that the items you set in the design rules you've adhered to exactly, but still faced with design rule check error. After plenty of reviews found this bug because it occurs when the numbers are merely to show آلتیوم round or rounded and decimal crumbs it according to the settings in the preferences is done. But as is strictly for show and got the w, in fact, the number has remained the same. Now, for example, it is enough to place a position via ۵۷٫۶mm in ۵۷٫۶۰۰۱. What happens is that the display for the number of ۵۷٫۶۰۰۱ for ۵۷٫۶ can be seen, but the actual position is not changed. This small point causes errors in clearance. To correct this you can in such cases the position of the desired object to manually enter this problem is easily solved.

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